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Supporting a site redesign


Discovery phase

Current data gap analysis

Establish whether the analytical set-up for the existing site is sufficient to draw meaningful conclusions on current performance

Current data enhancement

Provide & implement recommendations for the deepening of existing data to inform current site performance

Current data analysis

Provide documentation on the performance of the current site as it pertains to the site redesign


design phase

Concept testing

Taking new design concepts & implementing them as AB/n tests on the existing site to judge impact

Design thinking can then be iterated & refined off the back of solid data & insight

Winning concepts can remain live on site throughout redesign to generate early project ROI

If a CRO platform is required to execute tests, this will be provided


Post-Launch Phase

Post-launch analysis

Provide documentation on the performance of the new site post-launch comparative to the old site

This includes recommendations on next steps for the incremental in-life improvement of the site

Further concept testing

Taking unused concepts from the design & build phases & implementing them as AB/n tests on the new site to judge impact

Allows all ideas generated during the design & build phases to be given a chance to prove value in the real world

Maximises the value of all design thinking, removing wastage of ideas that were sidelined


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