test plan template and examples

Keep track of your CRO prgramme properly-

and future proof it for yourself and your colleagues

Our test plan template and examples will help you document your tests from the start

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Want to keep track of your tests properly?

Commit to documenting your tests thoroughly from the onset. Remember you are future-proofing your CRO programme for yourself 6 months from now and also for your colleagues.

This document is for anyone that will have to understand what has been tested - yourself, product owners, developers, QA - both now and in the future.

We recommend producing a test plan document for each test, detailing what changes (and where) as part of the test, and how you intend to measure the success of this test.

This document should contain as much detail as possible (e.g.: screenshots, instructions for changes…), with a clear hypothesis for the test’s outcome.

We've created two example test plans too - one for ecommerce and one for lead gen - which you can access when you download the test plan template.

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