52 questions every experienced
croer had to ask once

Support for new CROers -

because we’ve all been where you are now

In this guide, we answer the most important CRO questions in these areas:

Data - Tools - Planning - Testing - Results

and more!

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Every experienced CROer started where you are now with lots of questions and very few answers. They ran more tests, got more answers and learnt as they went to get to where they are today.

This guide pulls together all those important questions and answers in one place, to help you move forward with confidence - to not only run those first few tests but to help you build your CRO programme long term.

If you've got lots of questions you want to be answered before running your first test, or you're getting a bit stuck after your second or third, this guide is for you.

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started! To get your hands on it, please fill in your details and we'll email it over to you.

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