Building the CRO team at an award-winning eCommerce agency

the company

A specialist eCommerce agency

Media Lounge is a Bournemouth-based, award winning eCommerce agency for digital retailers.

Their team of 30 talented and passionate individuals help grow online retailers to the next level.

the challenge

Launching a CRO offering

Media Lounge were looking to launch CRO to their clients as a natural expansion of their offering.

They wanted to be capable of executing enterprise-level programmes, not just running a few basic tests.

A conceptual understanding of CRO was important, but it had to be combined with the consultative & technical knowledge to put things into practice.

The team needed a depth of understanding (not just knowledge) that would enable them to operate independently of our support.

Two CRO specialists were to lead this new service - one to focus on data & the other on UX, both from within the existing team.

Enter Grace & Lauren...



what we did

Programme delivery

Accelerated programme delivery

Speed was a key factor, so we accelerated our usual 10-week programme of 1 session per week into a 5-week programme of 2 sessions per week, conducted remotely due to COVID

Training sessions, not lectures

All sessions were highly interactive, focusing on the importance of learning by doing

No fixed session times

Each session was variable in time based on progress - sometimes tangential discussions are important to provide context rooted in a trainee’s existing experience

Training by those that still "do"

All sessions were supported by real-world examples from our extensive enterprise-level CRO programme experience across worldwide brands such as GoDaddy, Nando’s & Sage

Continuous learning reinforcement

Each session began with a recap on previous session(s) to cement learnings via repetition - not sexy, but it is effective!

Out-of-session assignments

3x assignments provided at the end of each session - one to be completed before the next session, and two further options that would enhance learning if time allowed

Course content

CRO Programme Management

Focused on understanding the role of CRO & of the CROer themselves, plus detailed sessions on test planning, test analysis & the technical side of CRO

CRO Theory

Detailed explanation of some of the core behavioural theories to deploy in CRO & an analytical framework to assess the current & future states of client sites

CRO Client Management (agency-specific module)

Thorough expansion of the core values of CRO & how to maintain those when operating client programmes, plus the project management & cultural expansion required to increase client CRO maturity


Dedicated CRO service offering launched
First test conducted within 1 month of training
First solus CRO client within 2 months of training

The sessions were hugely informative, Matt articulated concepts in a way that were clear, concise and easy to follow.

They were also interactive, a two way narrative took place, and after each lesson we received homework. This allowed us to put many of our learnings into practice and ensure that we fully understood the principles.

We now have a solid grasp of CRO and we are confidently applying our learnings to new and existing clients!

Grace Adams

Optimisation Analyst


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