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how we do it

How we create your CRO Strategy

define & 
Data review
visitor-led view
Conversion flow
conversion narrative

define & Discover

Define strategy goals

Discuss & agree up to three core business goals to guide the strategy

Collate key audiences

Provision of any existing marketing / buyer personas, industry or user research that could enhance the strategy

Current data gap analysis

Establish whether the analytical set-up is sufficient to
draw meaningful conclusions on current performance

Current data enhancement

Provide & implement recommendations for the widening and / or deepening of existing data to inform current site performance


Data Review

Current data analysis

Provide detailed analysis of the performance of the current site

Identify areas of strong & weak performance to create data-led basis for later analysis

Summarise key audiences

Present an overview of audience types based on quantitative & qualitative data alongside any existing audience information provided


Visitor-Led View

Visitor-Led View

Isolate key visitor types based on onsite-identifiable criteria to focus later sections

Provide overviews of primary drivers & primary needs for those visitors

Assign one of the agreed business goals for each visitor type that matches their primary need most closely


Conversion Flow

Map existing Conversion Flow

Visually & graphically map the flow of traffic through the site, identifying pages as well as the navigation method

Break down overall Flow

If necessary, break down large Conversion Flows into discrete sub-flows to aid analysis & create focus

Critically assess Conversion Flow(s)

Identify where flow(s) are creating barriers to conversion


Conversion Narrative

Map existing Conversion Narrative

Isolate the key messages that are being delivered to visitors along each step of the Conversion Flow

Critically assess Conversion Narrative

Identify where those narratives are creating barriers to conversion


Recommendations & Test Ideas

Provide Recommendations

Recommendations are changes to the site that should be made without running a test

These are used to correct any fundamental issues with the Conversion Flow or Narrative

They are usually changes that can be made more quickly & with limited investment

Provide Test Ideas

Test ideas are changes that should be tested against the existing site experience (or Control)

These ideas often represent larger-scale changes or hypotheses that need to be proven with data before a firm recommendation can be given


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