Optimising PDPs to convert impulse buyers

Aline Roux
Head of Optimisation

Optimising PDPs to convert impulse buyers

Part four of our Lessons in CRO Mini-Series (4 of 10)

This mini-series covers 10 lessons we have learned from some of our favourite recent experiments (and the results).  If you're facing similar challenges and want to understand why some things work better than others, or you simply want some new ideas to test, we hope these lessons help guide and inspire you with your next experiments.

Here’s lesson four:

Lesson #4: Create the conditions to capitalise on impulse


The results were as impressive as the idea was simple!

  • +13% clicks on the Add to Bag button
  • +8% visits to the Confirmation Page
  • +10% increase in Revenue Per Visitor

The problem

Most of this e-commerce client’s traffic was mobile. Much of it came through their high-performing social campaigns. These landed visitors directly into Product Detail Pages (PDPs). Data showed that these social landers were less likely to convert than those landing in other areas of the site.

What we did

We relocated the Add to Bag button & price to a bar that was sticky to the bottom of the screen. This ensured that it could be seen & interacted with as soon as a visitor landed. And when a visitor scrolled it would always remain in view.

There was no change to the button’s styling or behaviour. This kept the position of the button & its omnipresent nature the sole focus of the test.

The reasons it worked

This client sold non-essential ego goods. They are not a necessity but they do elicit strong emotional benefits to visitors. This means that visitors will be contemplating that balance throughout the process - I don’t NEED this vs. This makes me feel good.

And that rational vs. emotional battle will result in impulsive action. Either a swift exit when the rational mind wins or a swift Add to Bag tap when the emotional mind wins.

Keeping the button omnipresent throughout the landing page ensured that the emotional victory could always be capitalised upon. Hunting for the button allows the rational mind time to win out.

Your next experiment?

How are you optimising your PDPs? What’s worked for you?

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